Job Title

General Office Clerk

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Required Skills:

Job Description

Compiles and maintains records of business transactions and office activities of establishments.

Approx. 25-30 hrs/week

General Responsibilities

Copies data and compiles records and reports.

Some involvement of physical activity. Cleaning out files, organizing, scanning, etc.

Must be able to lift a stack of files or a heavy box if there is a need.

Tabulates and posts data in record books.

Computes wages, taxes, premiums, commissions, and payments.

Gives information to and interviews customers, claimants, employees, and sales personnel.

Prepares, issues, and sends out receipts, bills, policies, invoices, statements, and checks.

Operates office machines such as typewriter, adding, calculating, and duplicating machines.
Opens and routes incoming mail, answers correspondence, and prepares outgoing mail.
Greets and assists visitors.
*The company reserves the right to add or change duties at any time.

Job Qualifications

Education: High school diploma or equivalent
Experience: 1-2 years of related experience


Excellent verbal and written communication
Social perceptiveness
Active listening
Time management

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