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Warehouse Clerks who will carry out administration work in the warehouses. This involves keeping accurate records of, for example, stock and orders. They often use computer systems to help them do this. Clerks/administrative assistants deal with a variety of people on the telephone and in person.

Also known as

Clerk, Warehouse

Store/Warehouse Clerk

Administrative Assistant – Warehouse

Work Activities

Warehouse clerks/administrative assistants handle the clerical work in warehouses. Some could be based in an office; others might spend much of their time in the warehouse itself.

Their tasks vary depending on the sort of company they work for. Usually, warehouse clerks are responsible for dealing with any administrative related duties to the warehouse stock.

They deal with goods notation when stock is delivered, keep a record of the stock held at the warehouse (and where it is stored), and might also prepare invoices. They are sometimes involved in stock control, keeping track of the numbers and type of different items in the warehouse.

They might be responsible for ordering goods and choosing an area in the warehouse to store them, although a warehouse assistant might do this work. Warehouse clerks often use computers in their work; for example, they might:

order goods

keep track of stock

enter details of returned items

print out reports for managers

produce lists of goods to be picked out for delivery

store and update suppliers’ and customers’ addresses.


Warehouse clerks deal with customers and with suppliers to track orders, organize delivery times or sort out problems. They also communicate with members of staff from other departments, such as when they collect delivery notes from the warehouse or pass invoices to the accounts department.

The warehouse clerk could also be responsible for other duties such as filing, making and receiving telephone calls, and ordering stationary and warehouse equipment.

Being able to read, write and speak English/Spanish may be an advantage.


As a warehouse clerk/administrative assistant, you’ll need to have:

Good number skills.

Some IT user skills, for example, spreadsheets or data input. (WORD, EXCEL, etc)

Good communication skills to deal with a variety of people.

Common sense.

A good telephone manner.

Good Organization Skills

Be knowledgeable of state and federal safety protocols

Detail Oriented

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